Img 0598 Brazil

Impressions of my encounters while travelling in Brazil.

This series is from my time in Brazil traveling by bus from Pariba through Minas Gerias, Bahia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

While serving in the Marine Corps, a group of friends and I made a feature-length film called Licks, with limited budget and a lot of community support. The project was an entry point for me back into the arts and thinking about how community can shape creative work, and how that collective creativity can impact the places where that work is happening.

With limited experience and even less money, I began fundraising and saving my own, and reached out to grassroots organizations on every continent. Over time, I found a community of artists and activists doing great work around the world. I lived and worked with them and their families. I started my travels in Brazil in Rocinha, where I worked with local nonprofits.

When I traveled aross the country, I met strangers who became family. We shared dinners and rode down cobblestone roads three to a motor scooter, the sounds of roosters accompanying humid red sunsets in the evening time. I’m forever grateful to the people there, who made me feel a sense of home I’d never experienced.